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Sitecore® XP 8 Website Development for .NET Developers at Sitecore UK, St Katherine Docks, London

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In June this year I completed the Sitecore training for .NET Developers at Sitecore UK, based near Tower Bridge in London. Better late than never. The course is intended to give those with little or no Sitecore experience an introduction to the terminology, product features, APIs, extensions and implementation mechanisms, enabling developers to work in the Sitecore field which is both highly competitive and thoroughly interesting. Delivered by Raul Jimenez, the training was over four days, with the final day including an exam of 60 minutes and several questions in order to become certified.

There are lots of Sitecore certified professionals in the world, the training is well delivered, the syllabus is not too challenging and little foundation understanding is really required in order to complete the course. These days, there is also more of a well-established community with Sitecore; forums, personal websites, blogs and the Sitecore resources make working with Sitecore much easier than about five years ago when it was difficult to find any information on how to implement the product.

Sitecore® XP 8 Website Development for .NET Developers at Sitecore UK, St Katherine Docks, London

Firstly, I’m not a .NET developer day to day; in fact I spend very little time using Sitecore as a backend developer, however I have built small proof of concept sites with Sitecore in the past. I have also worked extensively on many, many Sitecore projects as principle frontend developer over the years and the team I lead are specialists in delivering Sitecore solutions, in UX, Creative and Frontend development.

I have had a slight advantage…

  • Having worked in a Sitecore development house for four and a half years
  • Participate directly in marketing and selling of the Sitecore product through implementation partner
  • Attended and presented at a number of Sitecore UK events over the years
  • Attended FED training at Sitecore
  • Participated in and contributed to some highly complex and large scale Sitecore projects

So with this in mind I didn’t have too much trouble keeping up, however still didn’t get 100% which since completing with 92% I’ve been reminded of by colleagues who have achieved 100%! (Although, these individuals are even more Sitecore immersed than I am)

What’s included?

The training involves completing a rather extensive workbook with presentation slides, exercises and tutorials on nearly each topic. The topics cover most aspects of working with the CMS, but can really only be considered a foundation. With this foundation, as well as experience with working in .NET, developers are then able to go into the Sitecore world where they will establish the full Sitecore development skillset.

Sitecore Website Development for .NET Developers

There is a nice lunch provided each day, and on the final day an even nicer lunch!

You are informed of your result immediately, by the system on which the test was taken.

Rate the experience?

It’s very expensive, but if you work as a permanent colleague it’s usually sponsored by the company. As a contractor, you can obviously offset as a business expense. The certification itself is worth more than the content of the course, because the most valuable experience will come from working with Sitecore after the training, enabled by doing the training.

The course was very well delivered, the Sitecore offices are nice, the exam wasn’t particularly taxing and the fellow students were all very nice.

All in all, very good experience!

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