Personalisation - A Curated User Journey

Part 2 in the Personalisation series, discussing how personalisation with Sitecore can be designed into the user journey, optimising conversions

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Personalisation – A Curated User Journey

Part 2: Diving into a technical delivery point of view, we discuss how personalisation introduces automation into a system and how to design your system with personalisation at the core of your customer experience.

When designing a system, whether that be a mobile app or a website, which is going to be consumer focused, experience driven and cutting edge, it is important to understand the basics how user journeys are defined, optimised and then tuned, especially leveraging contemporary functionalities such as “personalisation.”

Sitecore provides personalisation capabilities which enable retrofitting automation logic to a system, but what if it was designed with such features at the core. Part 2 discussed how to curate user journeys leveraging some of the Sitecore feature set.

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